The Legacy – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


With the acquirement of the Fischer Tennis & Racquet Division a new union becomes one Brand: PACIFIC.  Starting in late 2009, PACIFIC expands into a complete Tennis Line Company with the purchase of Fischer Tennis.  

The esteemed FISCHER TECHNOLOGY, long associated as a global leader in racquet innovations, joins together with the equally renowned PACIFIC TECHNOLOGY – now combined together bringing more then 70+ years of cutting-edge & technical know-how in the design/development, and manufacturing of racquet sports equipment. 

The addition of successfully proven FISCHER TECHNOLOGY incorporated into the new PACIFIC Racquet Line, assures the continuation of quality and innovative design.  The unique production process, increased investments into new Research & Development, German Engineering, and the heritage of quality Products insure continued future success.    

PACIFIC is a family owned & operated German Company.  Since 1972 they have been the worlds leading Brand in the developing and manufacturing of racquet sports accessories.  Whether in Germany (Hochdorf) or New Zealand (Manaia/Taranaki) PACIFIC Factories lead the way in producing the highest-quality strings for all racquet sports.  As the Official ATP-Partner for Strings, Grips and Stringing Machine in the years 2007-2012, PACIFIC has been actively present at many ATP World Tour events assisting the professional players - as well as gaining feedback from the worlds best players to better assist us with continuing to be the leading Company in the development of new Product innovations.

The continued implementation of Fischer Technology combined with PACIFIC German Engineering, has already resulted in a new development called: BasaltX® Technology.  Already being used in the new racquet manufacturing process – proving that this new union is already successful. This success is not only for technological reasons, but also the even more increasingly important environmentally friendly attitude – as BasaltX® is a natural commodity, and 100% recyclable.

With the acquirement of Fischer Racquet Sport Division, the focus to support and service professional players has more then doubled. 

With our Vision to become a complete Tennis and Racquet Sports Brand now a reality, the next steps are to bring this exciting message worldwide.  Major investments into new Research & Development Projects, continued focus on manufacturing only the highest-quality Goods, Technical Service & Services to all levels of players, will see PACIFIC as the leading Brand in Racquet Sports. 

We focus on a clear Goal:

Number 1 in Performance