The Tournament Racket, yet also with an enhanced frame profile for ease of play!

Energetic and ambitious club players seeking a challenge on the court, now with their equipment will find success with the Raptor. A wider/constant 24mm frame profile delivers excellent stability combined with enhanced comfort & arm protection. A consistent, positive response with added ball speed is also a major benefit. Anyone with an aggressive playing attitude is a Raptor player. Modern high-tech tennis production is at its best and it is spelled: Raptor!


Weight unstrung:
285 g
Balance unstrung:
330 mm
695 mm
String Pattern:
Grip size:
Swing Style Index:
4, 9

The next generation of basalt fibers

While nature is constantly evolving and changing, the elements of the earth remain consistent and reliable resources. Basalt fibers have been used since the late 1940’s. While originally ‘crude’ in their applications, they were recognized as having amazing potential in enhancing products.

Evolution is defined as: “A positive growing in development …” Thus, Basalt fibers have evolved! Today, they are being used in highly technical products from aerospace to tennis rackets, proving their versatility and benefits in numerous applications. ASA-TEC, the leader in basalt fiber production, together with PACIFIC, have developed the next generation of basalt fibers, called: BXT™


30% more basalt fibers within the same material28% stronger
20% lighter in overall fiber weight20% more vibration dmapening


Assured highest quality and precision thanks to exclusive modern production processes, one example being: “Vacuum Technology”® for zero tolerance in production. This guarantees 100% the same and consistently produced rackets, delivering to you and your game perfect precision in racket specifications & racket quality.


PACIFIC Catalogue 2017 - English
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Date: 17/10/2016